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Unstoppable Leadership Academy

Unstoppable Leadership Academy is a supportive learner-centred course of study, experiential practice and peer-to-peer engagement program that empowers students to develop a strong foundation in the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary for effective leadership and success in life.

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Upon successful completion of the Unstoppable Leadership Academy (ULA),
students will demonstrate competence and confidence in the following areas:

Students will discover their personal inspiration for learning, identifying their preferred learning styles and apply life-long learning tools, skills and strategies in their personal and professional lives.







Students will attain and demonstrate competencies that broadly prepare them for successful transition into the workplace. Student will exhibit competencies in oral/written communications, teamwork/collaboration, professionalism/work ethic and career management.





Students will be able to distinguish the characteristics and benefits of various leadership styles, describe the qualities of an effective and ethical leader, and apply a range of leadership attitudes and skills in real life scenarios including team empowerment, agile decision making, successful problem-solving and public speaking.




Students will demonstrate increased self-awareness, self confidence and self-efficacy through assessing their own strengths, limitations and potential and by developing the mental habits and mindset necessary to manage stress, enchance creativity, cultivate peace of mind and foster resilience.






Students will engage in an end-to-end exploration of the project management life-cycle, culmination in the design and execution of their own community development project. Students will hone the essential skills to develop and deliver a high-impact project, including identifying scope and desired outcomes, creating a theory of change, managing team dynamics, budgeting and resource allocation, and impact assessment.




Students will demonstrate effective communication and listening skills in a variety of settings, describe the basic principles of effective interpersonal communication, recognize common barriers to effective communication and explain important attitudes for resolving interpersonal conflict.






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ULA Program Empowers Adults

unstoppable leadership academy
in the community

Since May 2019, customized versions of the ULA curriculum has been delivered to adults in multiple communities in Narok County, Kenya.


Both men and women have embraced new thoughts and beliefs on how they should embrace each other in the community without judgment and fault-finding.


As a result of this program, respect and trust has been enhanced and developed as an important value in the community. Participants are openly discussing their views while others listen and contribute from session to session.


Participants are motivated to learn and to change their paradigms because of the life-changing experience they are offered through the ULA program.